Shall We Play A Game?

Some of you may have said in the robotic voice we heard as kids. Playing a game is always a fun way to deal with change. As we all know, change is not fun. Necessary, but not fun.

I play a game with my clients. We call it gamifaction. I use to help me consistently do the necessary things to give me the health, energy and confidence I need to do the things I DESIRE TO DO. When you’re presented with choices and you’re being tempted, it’s important to take a second and decide what you really desire.

Today’s game: Opposite Day. Remeber back in school during spirit week there would be an opposite day? Well, today is your day. You get to the opposite of what your normal habit/pattern/choices would be. Not sure what those patterns or habits are? Here are many that I generally see that hold clients back from reaching their goals:

  • Not eating enough protein in your day
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not getting in that workout or walk
  • Going off course with your eating plan
  • Indulging in negative self-talk

Today, you are going to do the opposite of something you normally do. For instance, if you indulge in negative self talk, you will indulge in positive self talk. Do you usually grab a soda in the afternoon? Not today! Today you’re gonna grab a water and add some fruit if you like. Feel like falling asleep in the afternoon and eat something sweet. Today, you’re gonna take a 10 minute walk.

Take a breath before diving into that old habit and do the opposite.

Do you avoid facing the truth about your current state of fitness and nutrition? It’s opposite day, book a call with me. Just dealing with facts and getting real.  We will review the consistent actions you currently use for your health.  Decide what you need to do for you.