Eating Well When Others Around You Don’t

You’ve made the commitment to yourself that this time the lifestyle changes you need to be happy and healthy are forever. You’ve been working towards this commitment for some time. Maybe your whole life. You feel bold and strong and ready to conquer your ability to eat well. You make your meal plan, create your grocery list, purchase the groceries and get them all put away. Then your partner comes home with what looks like every trigger food you have ever had. Thanks, man, I thought we talked about this!!!

How do you navigate the emotions and food surrounding you. You got this. The other side of this mountain is so worth it. Let’s just look at some ways to build a plan. First, you focus. You focus on brought you to this point in your journey. How you feel right now. How you want to feel and what a strong person it takes to do the things necessary to reach their goals. If it were easy, everyone would do it. You’re about to be a 5% er.

What’s a five percenter? One of the few that makes the consistent healthy choices to have the health, vitality and confidence they desire. Let’s dig in and learn some tools to be a 5%er.


Let’s start with a continuum. Think of food choices being placed on a line. To the left of the line are the unhealthier versions of food and to the right are the healthier version. This is not about good or bad. It’s about healthier choices.

When you are faced with a food choice, place those choices on the line and see where they fall. This should make it fairly simple to chose if you’ve decided that you’re climbing this mountain to get to the other side.

If you find that you are having a moment, step out of the room, take a few deep breaths to focus on what’s really important to you. Then face it head on.


It’s been proven in the psychology field that when you ask people directly for something you are more likely to get it.

So why not ask directly?

Have a conversation with your partner about your decision. Say that you are trying a healthier lifstyle and you need support in making the right choices for yourself. Ask them to put their food choices out of your sight. Put them up in a shelf you can’t reach easily. Ask them to not show you what they’ve brought home.


Choose a meal you know they may be receptive to and see if they want to try it with you. We all know that eating meals together is a more satisfying experience and if you enjoy a good conversation, you will eat less.

Ask them to share food they are willing to try and enjoy with you. If they eat enough times with you, they may start to see and feel the difference and you may convert them!!!


If sweets are the attraction, pick a few favorites and healthy them up. But say anything. You can use honey or monk fruit for a sweetener, almond or coconut flour, applesauce for moisture etc. There are hundreds of substiutions. Need ideas:

  • Avocado pureed or mashed instead of butter. …
  • Natural peanut butter instead of reduced fat peanut butter. …
  • Canned pumpkin instead of butter. …
  • Black beans instead of refined white flour. …
  • Chia seeds instead of eggs. …
  • Purée soft or silken tofu instead of butter.

Need more ideas, comment below and I’ll reach out.