First thing to stop doing

The first thing you need to stop doing immediately if you want to lose weight is DIETING. It hasn’t worked up to now, yet you’re still doing it expecting something different. The first three letters in the word are DIE….Hello, that should tell you how wonderful it is.

Diets limit your caloric intake which forces your body to take nutrients from the most nutrient-dense place…your muscle. If you’re a meat-eater, do you eat fat or muscle? Same with our bodies. If you’re not taking in enough proper calories to sustain your major life functions: breathing, sleeping, digesting, sleeping, blinking, heartbeat, you know, the little things in life, then your body will take them from the most nutrient-dense place, your muscle.

When that happens, your metabolism slows down and you burn less calories to keep what muscle you have left. But you don’t lose fat, because the body will, eventually use it when there is nothing left to use.

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