The Power of Touch

We’ve all heard many sayings about the human touch and it’s ability to heal. Think about all the ways we are healed by those with the healing power of touch: massage therapists, hair stylists, nail technicians, high fives, hugs and other ways we empower each other and ourselves with touch.

In my post So Now What? I talk about Romania and all the children born and raised in orphanages. How do get the power of healing touch when we can’t touch? We’ve done a really great job. We have special groups that have been created to hold meetings, happy hours and workouts.

But we are lacking in physical touch. It is healing and magical. Our bodies take in all kinds of information based on the sense of feel. Just like smell and taste, it can take you to a different time or place. I special time or event. I know that I love to see how clothes feel before even taking the hanger off to try them. Now that I wear gloves, I can’t get that sense of feel. We wear masks which deny us the sense of smell of foods, herbs and spices.

It is up to us to fill the void. Our world has become physically smaller, but it doens’t have to deny us the joy of touch. This is the perfect year to start gardening, do a DIY project, build something, add new throw pillows with texture, try a weighted blanket, try new coffee or creamer, make a new recipe with local vegetables, play a new board game online with friends and family, buy new socks that make you go “ahhhhh”, dry your sheets outside in the fresh air, play with playdough, make a big chunky blanket, open up that pinterest account you have and peruse your wish list.

We have to find ways to provide our minds and body with the physicalness of touch somehow. Why not make it about refueling your soul?

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