What A Difference A Year Makes

As I sit here on a quiet Easter Sunday morning celebrating my birthday with bacon, egg and cheese biscuits I made to celebrate this day, I think back over the past year.

One year ago, my family was celebrating Easter by watching my grandchildren hunt for the clues to their unknown trip to Disney World in just 7 days. My daughter and I were more excited than they were because we knew the joy we were about to have. We shared food, stories, laughter and hugs.

July came and I spent an incredible long weekend at a women’s retreat followed by the yearly convention for all fitness and wellness professionals. Over the years of attending, I’ve made incredible friends and amazing collegues. The learning and friendship are priceless. I love attending this conference every year. it helps fuel my soul in many ways.

Last year I had a tremondous year: started training women at an incredible local gym, traveled to Madrid with my mother, Disney World with my daughter and grandkids, Las Vegas women’s retreat, Anaheim convention, Puerto Vallarta over Thanksgiving. Not to mention the joy of watching women enhance their health and lives. I met with my mother and daugher every month to celebrate joys, determine goals and plan and share our lives.

As I just wrote that last sentence, it brings tears to my eyes. The last time I was able to see and hold my grandkids, dauther, mother: Feb 29. Shortly after that, there were no high-fives, then no elbows, then the shutdown. Don’t get me wrong. I totally support the lockdown and agree with it. To date, I’ve cancelled 3 trips this year. Gratefully, as I am safe and bonus: lost no money, paid off debt and now enjoying building savings. (Finding the silver linings).

I look forward to a year from now. What will return, what will forever be changed? Do we adopt the Japanese tradition of honoring another person by bowing vs. a handshake? Do families keep their walks, dog walks and bike rides? Is there more work from home? What will travel look like? In the future, what will generation of students bring to the world from having to learn in a whole new way? Which businesses will survive, how do we help those that lose it all?

How will we support our athletes and ourselves? I realize that once there is a vaccine, all these will be moot, but we will be different; we will be changed. Do you watch shows in a whole new way? Look how close they are? This experience is overwhelming. It’s ok to feel that way. give yourself permission to take things slow. To not know the answers, to give yourself a break.

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. First things first, Happy Belated Birthday !!!

    I share your concerns for the future and perhaps I am more worried.

    I wonder what will happen to the dynamics that shape our society, what will happen to the financial aspect of our basic households, what will happen to the Sports we love watching … especially contact sports, does it mean that entire professions will cease to exist because we won’t need them as a society again ?

    How will we as a society handle that change, how will World Governments handle that change because one thing I know for sure is the World will never be the same again.

    Big corporations are letting people go and closing down in my country, something we never thought possible because of the financial muscle they had. Entire industries are collapsing. C.E.Os don’t know what to do next to save companies because we don’t know how long this will last.

    I have a little child on the way and I can’t help but be afraid because I am not certain about tomorrow. As a father, I want to protect my family and provide and guide them financially, emotionally and even spiritually … but how do I even do that when my 9 – 5 was one of the first casualties of this pandemic ( I work in the Hospitality Industry )

    Some of us have invested greatly in our crafts, built reputations over years and years of challenges, only to see it up and disappear in a flash.

    A friend called me the other day and he was scared. Scared that he didn’t know how to do anything else apart from what he has been doing all these years. With his profession, he can’t work from home. Most of the people I know do not have affordable internet at home, they are all limited to their mobile phones and there is only so much you can do with that.

    The only thing we can hold on to is hope, that is all we have. Hope in God, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for our children, hope to see our parents again, hope that the world will become a better place after this … that we will be better people to ourselves, animals and the planet.

    Thank you for the piece, powerful and thought provoking !

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    1. Thank you so very much. I absolutely agree with you 100%. Every day I find myself being grateful for having to cancel our trip to Europe, for being healthy enough to go to the grocery store and shop for those that can’t, for being able to train my clients online, and much more. Every day I think of a way that I can support those that can’t. Buying gift cards for meals, disinfecting the groceries I deliver for the families, praying for the world. I world as we once knew it no longer exists, I believe. Perhaps it was the world’s way of telling us to slow down, love another, and start over.

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