Fear of the Unknown

When our normal routines are upended it can bring stress into our world. Right now we wake up and wonder what the day has in store for us. We don’t even have our normal working hours to keep those known hours. For the many that are capable of working from home and are transitioning to those schedules, I am so glad and grateful you can continue to make the world go round.

For the rest of the displaced trying to pull yourselves up and figure out the next step or for those that have transitioned to a side gig for essential workers, welcome and please be safe. Drink lots of water and do what you have to do to stay healthy.

Whatever stage you are living presently, know that apprehension and anxiety are the byproducts of the unknown. Let’s spend today to start with the knowns and build a schedule from there. At least for this week!

What do we know?

  • How many hours a day we have available to fill
  • Options for earning money at this time
  • Things we truly enjoy and never spend time doing because we are working
  • It’s been a long time since we have deep cleaned
  • Alcohol and caffiene increase anxiety
  • Drinking lots of water helps keep us healthy
  • The amount of hours working with children for school
  • The food we have on hand
  • Weather for the day
  • Exercise time available

Let’s start with each room. Take note of everyting you would like to do with each room i.e. clean, rearrange, wash covers/curtains, clean blinds, dust baseboards and fans, needs for the room and that will build your schedule for the day next few days. As you go through each room, what can you move to make changes that make things feel new and updated? Do you have time to repaint or restain? Want to build something?

Anxiety builds when doing nothing. The opposite is…DOING SOMETHING. If you say you have no idea or no funds, read this post again!!! I’ve asked you to spend nothing. Start with the knowns. Each evening ends with building a schedule for the next day. Stay busy and make yourself feel better every day.

Focus on your knowns every night and every day. Build your schedule and work it.

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