A Moment to Breath

Talk with any Yogi and the first thing they teach people is how to breath. You wouldn’t think that breathing would be so difficult. I mean it is an automatic response. We have no control over breathing just like blinking our eyes.

What I am talking about is concentrated breathing. Feeling the breath, “seeing” it go in and out of your nostrils and mouth. The forced rising and falling of the diaphram. This is not your automatic breathing. When we are stressed, we breath from the chest. This is restrictive because of our rib cage. It is not being expanded to allow for a full breath. It is shallower and usually faster than the breathing we need these days.

As the world is forced to take a collective breath for the next several weeks, perhaps months, now is the time to calm and settle and form a new normal. These things can’t be rushed. We take the good we learn from an experience and learn how to incorporate it into our lives. For instance, as a shipt delivery driver during this time, I see families taking walks and dogs are loving their day time with families. As we move forward from here, this is a huge “new normal” to keep! Keep those things that will enhance your lives and build them into your schedule.

The world is taking a collective breath and amazing things are happening. People are connecting through distance. Our need for human interaction is life-sustaining. People are connecting now more than ever and we can’t get within 6 ft of each other. Air pollution in China is clearing up because factories are not spewing forth chemicals in the air. Silt in Venice has settled to the bottom allowing fish, swans and dolphins back into the canals and to be seen. The air in China has cleared up as factories have been shut down. They can’t spew filth and air pollution into the air.

How can we take the good from this forced hiatus, breath in new thoughts and ideas on how to live and work in this world on the other side of this horrible pandemic and incorporate them into our new lives? We breath. We sit, we take in a big deep breath from deep within, do it again and again. Let it sit with you and allow yourself time. Time to reflect, time to think, time to breath.

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