So Now What?

What a difference a week makes. Last week at this time we were still planning our trip and by Tuesday we had canceled everything. 24 hours later I was never so grateful to have been ahead of the curve in my life!

Today, life as we once knew it has changed. Whether you want to believe it or not, it has. One of the biggest changes for me is the social distancing. I’m a high fiver, a hugger, it’s how I show I care. Like lots of huggers, this has been hard on our bodies. If you think I’m kidding, ask a hugger.

Remember, there are numerous studies on the effects of social isolation. They all began with prisoners. We thrive on human touch. Babies in Romania during the period when families were forced to have babies and turn them over to the state, died. (1980s) They died from failure to thrive syndrome because there were not enough workers to hold, craddle, love these babies. They didn’t have enough human touch to thrive and survive. They had to fight over food. Many gave up the fight.

Yet, now, human touch could cause those around you to get ill, or die. Our hospitals and doctors that were already breaking with everyday life drama: heart attacks, strokes, accidents, shots, emergencies, now have the added emergencies of a contagious virus that puts the world in danger.

So here we are, a world in need of healing and we can’t support each other with hugs of love and support. Now is the time to stay diligent in cleaning practices and discover new ways to share support.

  • Video chats so you can look into the other person’s eyes. No multitasking.
  • Phone conversations vs. texts
  • Group coffees via video chats
  • Partner workouts via video
  • App games to share such as scrabble and other games to play together
  • More time to read books, book clubs
  • Start a new anything: meditate, new, healthy recipes
  • Had to cancel your vacation plans? Pull up scenes from the area, grab a beverage of choice and play the music you would be listening to.
  • All those movies you’ve been wanting to watch……
  • Workout at home. See how many workouts you can create
  • Start journaling especially your thoughts and feelings about life today. Work through the emotions you are feeling and how you are working through them.

I’d love to hear your ideas for staying connected through isolation. Keep drinking lots of water, stay focused on staying healthy and pay attention to things your body is telling you.

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