Safety Everywhere

There is not one time in my entire life I ever thought I would be writing my thoughts on staying safe during a worldwide virus. Nor last year, when my mother, daughter and I bought our trip to Europe, beginning in 2 weeks,thought that we would be concerned about everything we touched.

Today, there was a confirmed case in a my local city. The little things we do every single day can help keep us safe from sickness. We really do live in a different world these days and unfortunately, it’s a sad state. Just because I have to change the way I do a few things, I will not let this limit my life.

Obviously, it doesn’t matter where you go, the virus will be there. We just have to change the way we do daily activities and interact with others. I train women every single day. Personal contact is a part of my job. We are preparing for our trip and we are doing things I’ve never done to prepare for our trip.

Here is list of the changes I have made to help keep me and my family safe.

  • Instead of high fives: high elbows or hip bumps
  • Metal straws in all drinks, cans and bottles
  • Carrying my own pens to use instead of any ole pen just laying around
  • Sol U Guard– EPA registered, chemical free kills 99.9% of all germs,
  • Solu U Guard Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer-no chemicals, never run out.
  • Staying 2-3ft away from others as much as possible.
  • Washing all produce for several minutes.

We all are responsible for doing what we can to stop the spread. When we can’t rely on governments to do the right thing, we have to care for ourselves. This all happened because the Chinese government supressed the first cases because it was Chinese New Years which is big money. That’s right. All this to make money on the celebration. Wonder how much they made and how much they have spent on hospitals and hotels for the thousands that have gotten sick.

Remember this when you are faced with choices. Just do the right thing and you will most likely be just fine and not be at the receiving end of karma. Be well, be safe.

One thought on “Safety Everywhere

  1. It is a scary world! Sounds like you have the right idea and are taking the right actions! Hugs and thoughts of safety and good health to you and your family!


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