Mental Performance and Hydration

People that work up a sweat whether it be at the gym or at their jobs should definitely have proper hydration. A review in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found evidence that athletes who lose more than 2% of their body weight in fluids, suffer noticeable declines in mental performance. This can be construed to any person that loses more than 2% of their body weight in fluids can suffer these same declines.

These declines were noted in attention, motor coordination, and the executive functioning of your brains needs to focus, organize and remember details. Can you imagine working on a construction site as a heavy machine operator and your motor coordination and attention is poor due to dehydration. What can go wrong there? A few years ago where I live, there was a huge fire at a complex being built. It was a warm, windy day and one of the welders had left a hot tool behind and an ember got started that burned many houses, townhomes and the structure itself. Millions of dollars in damages. Could this have all happened because of dehydration and lack of focus.

This doesn’t just affect people on the job. Regular every day Joes that workout have to drive home and operate once at home. Every cell in your body is made up mostly of water. The things we eat and drink determine the hydration level of our cells. Medicine is very drying and water intake needs to double for those taking medications. If cells are not hydrated properly, waste can not get out and nutrients and water can not get in. This is a very bad combination.

As we cherish the beginning of a new spring and warmer weather, please pay special attention to the amount of pure, fresh, clean water you supply to your body. Don’t let your cells think they are living in the Sahara Desert!. Drink up, my friends.

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