Make It Happen

My mother and I did not know it at the time, but we created a new tradition, our own European Vacation. Now, I love Chevy Chase, but I am grateful our trip went as planned! We didn’t intend to do this, but when you are given a chance at something, you take it and make it happen.

We found some incredible deals for airline tickets to Madrid. All I can say is, GO THERE! We both had been to Europe, but never together and neither one of us had gone to Spain. Due to the incredible pricing of our tickets, there was a price to pay. Carry-on size only and 22 lb limit, plus one “personal” item (big backpacks are personal items, wink, wink). One week in Europe 22 lbs. Make it happen. And we did!

This year, I am excited to announce, my daughter will now be making this yearly trek with us and she has decided that the next time she gets asked this question, she will have the answer.

“What’s your biggest accomplishment in life?” “Packing for a 10-day European vacation with my mother and grandmother in a carry-on bag at 22 lbs”. Nailed it!!! By the way, the cost for each of us for this 10 day 2 city, 4 country European vacation plus a night in Boston before coming home which includes airfare, Airbnb rooms, 2 different day trips, and sunset at The Shard, just under $1000 each. (Mic drop)

How do you make that happen? You get creative with space. Just like when your health become a real focus of your life, you make it happen. One creattive tip is to take the foam out of your neck pillow and replace it with clothes. I can roll 4 pairs of leggings into my neck role. That’s 2 lbs of clothes. You just make it happen.

When it becomes important enough. You meal prep by making a list for the grocery store and sticking to it. You have cut up veggies in the fridge and fresh, colorful fruit on the counter in a big, beautiful (family heirloom) bowl. Yes, use that bowl (unless it’s worth, you know lots of money), use cloth napkins for meals, SIT DOWN without your phone.

You do little things every day that when you look back over the weeks, months and years, it adds up to be a really big deal. You just make it happen, day in and day out.

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