Celebrate Today

I remember many years ago I bought a special set of powder, lotion and perfume. I bought it for a special occasion. I used them a few times for other special occasions. Eventually, I pulled out the powder and it was dried and caked together. I spent money for these special things for me and waited for those special occasions and lost the ability to use them. I bought them because of the smell and I had to throw the powder away because I didn’t use it.

Why do we “wait for special occasions”? Like something bad will happen if we enjoy and use what we purchased? It’s just like muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Stop waiting for special occcasions. Every day is a reason to celebrate.

Every day, find something to celebrate: someone letting you in the lane, someone holding the door open for you, a smile from a stranger, a hug from a friend, an awesome cup of coffee or tea, the list goes on. When you take a moment to celebrate the little things, imagine how much fun celebrating the big things will be!!

What are you hanging onto that you’ve put away waiting for a special reason? Why? What would happen if you celebrated today? I live in the Kansas City area. You know we have been celebrating over the last 24 hours. Win or lose (at the time of this writing), we celebrate.

Find ways and reasons to celebrate today and share in the comments below.

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