HIIT and Memory in Older Adults

High-intensity training coule be a viable intervention for cognitive decline. Along with proper nutrition, we could, concievably decrease the number of cases of dementia and other cognitive diseases. Wait, what? Where is the list of pharmacueticals needed to sustain someone in cognitive decline?

You read that correctly. A study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, found that HIIT may improve memory performance in wiser adults. This may be critical for developing new treatment plans. Just like boxing shows incredible gains for those with Parkinson’s, HIIT may do that for cognitive disorders. The study showed a 30% improvement in memory performance compared to the other groups which saw NO improvements. (Control group-stretching only and moderate intensity continuous training)

Imagine our futures when exercise and proper nutrition absorption are prescribed? How would pharmacuetical companies survive something they can not recreate with poison and substances that are man-made? How will our health system deal with HEALTH?

Imagine, doing what you want for as long as you like without pain and suffering. By incorporating the right exercise and nutrition for your body, you can not only imagine, you can live it. The system is broken because it only focuses on sickness and keeping people sick. It is truly sick care because without sick people, they would not make money.

Today, start putting yourself first and doing what it takes to get and stay healthy. Just a few minor tweaks to your lifestyle every few weeks adds up to mountains in a year. One percent. Just be one percent better today than yesterday. That’s 365% in a year. Imagine health at 365% better than it is right now.

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