Man vs Machine, or Not

How many of you have heard about someone getting revenge by putting sugar in someone’s gas tank?  I hope none of you have experienced that!  How about just driving around for months on end without checking the oil, changing it or adding to it?  We would never think of neglecting our cars in such a way.  Our automobiles are very expensive and we can’t afford to buy new ones every few months. 

However, the most priceless thing we own, moves throughout the day being endlessly fed whatever it desires, without thinking about the consequences. How sad that as a society, we care more about our posessions than we do about ourselves. We spend time, energy, and money on machines, yet the most wonderful, priceless, powerful machine goes unattended for years. 

Which machine is that, you ask? Why, your body, of course.  It is the one thing you bring into this world that you also leave with.  Yet we constantly walk around just mindlessly feeding it whatever sounds good, or is fast or is on the way home.  The outside of your body begins with the inside.  If you take a few hours to preparefood, then you don’t have to worry about food all week.  What do I mean by that?  If you spend a few hours a week preparing meals and following your list at the store, then mindless eating won’t be a problem.  Do you prepare for the next day of work the night before so you don’t forget something? It’s the same thing, but with food.

When my kids were growing, I would tell them, “garbage in, garbage out”.  Whatever you put into your mind and body is what will be coming out.  The outside of your body is just a reflection of the meticulous work you put into the inside.  Write down everything you put in your body.  Reflect on the choices you made and why.  This will help make you more accountable to making wiser decisions into your eating.  If you are not sure how to change your eating habits and make those decisions, ask a professional.  You don’t take care of all our car needs, you take it to a professional (we hate it, but we know it is what is best for our cars).  Are you not worth more than your car?

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