Celebrating Life

This time of year we begin reviewing our year and planning the next. But what about right now. The present. Don’t we love presents? Didn’t we just buy people presents? Then why is it so hard for us to be PRESENT!

Being present is a gift. It is a gift for the other person, but more importantly, it is a gift of/to self. I spent this season listening to Christmas music I heard growing up. I fondly remembered Christmases of my childhood. I relished the feeling of wonderment and joy on Christmas Eve. I reminisced of smells and people of my past. I cherished those moments and moved towards my adult years with my small children.

I remember the angst of making sure I got “all the things I planned”, had the food for the holidays with families, which I absolutely LOVED hosting. I loved the anticipation of their joy and smiles.

As with all life and families, things changed and life evolved. Healthier choices were needed and swift and immense changes were made. Which brings me to the present. We have traditionns that are immersed in feelings, thoughts and stories. Recipes and traditions are meant to be enjoyed and shared.

This season, be present. Be present in the past and right now. Rejoice in the joy of the past and smile for the present. Accept what is and release that which no longer serves you. The best gift if you, be present!

My gift to you, be present and I will see you next year. Happy New Year.

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