Words to Live By

You’ve heard the saying, “The body will achieve what the mind believes”.  Listen to the words you say to yourself.  I mean stop, and listen to the words that your mind hears when you speak about yourself.  Remember the stories you had to fill in the blank with the correct type of word?  Well, guess what?  We are going back to those days.  Get out a piece of paper and write down the first words that your mind says to finish the sentences.  You are having an honest conversation with yourself as you stand in front of the mirror, naked. 

“Wow, insert name, would you look at that?  I am so 1_____.  I feel so 2______.  I am so 3 ______ of 4________ all the time.  Everything I 5______  just 6_____  so 7________.  If only I 8_______ then I could 9_______.  How do I 10______.  I wish 11__________.  I thought by the age of 50 (40/30/60…) I’d 12____________.  I just 13_____ it when 14_______.  Every day I 15_____ to 16_____.  If you 17____.

As teenagers we begin this decent of negative talk.  We allow others  to decide how we feel about ourselves and it becomes a habit.  Habits were meant to be broken.  No matter your age, you can change the talk.  I’ve seen women pick up weights at the age of 70.  They have changed their self-talk. 

Take a look at your list of words.  They are not just black squiggles on a white sheet.  They are guttural feelings.  The body must respond to those feelings.  Here is my list of word:  1 blessed, 2 grateful, 3 glad, 4 the life I have, 5 do, 6 feels, 7 good, 8 more time, 9 help more people, 10 complete everything I want to give, 11 everyone could feel the way I do, 12 be so happy, 13 love 14 a new member feels that joy 15  get  16 do what I love to do, 17 want more, then be more

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