OMG It’s Mickey Mouse Day

This year I got to experience one of the best highlights of my life. If we are lucky, we get to have many experiences that bring joy to our lives. My father was a big fan of Disney. I remember growing up watching Disney movies that began with Tinker Bell tapping her wand and the magic would begin.

I have always loved the magic of Disney and loved sharing that love with my children as they grew. We would visit papa and watch Pete’s Dragon or Mary Poppins on VHS!!! Even though I never visited DisneyWorld as a child, I did get to visit DisneyLand. Walt Disney is a bit special for us because we live in Kansas City. We drive by the building where Walt drew his first Mickey Mouse.

My daughter has carried that love of Disney to her children. This year, I got to take my grandchildren to Disneyworld. They had nothing in their background to give them any kind of idea what they were about to experience. From the first moment we magically tapped our bands and walked into Magic Kingdom, the magic never left their eyes. They were the most amazing guests. We all know that feeling when we watch our loved ones become so overwhelmed with joy and fascination at the moments they have in front of them.

When I think of Mickey Mouse, my soul is taken back to earlier this year when I was walking all the parks with my daughter and grandkids and feeling the joy. Mickey Mouse is another word for joy and magic in this house. There are not many things that bring back the joy of childhood quite like MM and Christmas.

Today, take a second to find a quiet place and relive a few of the magical joys you hold dear. Close your eyes and go back to the moment, the ride, the day, the feeling. Let your stomach flip-flop with child-like joy and bring a smile to your face. That moment, hold it and do your best to give that feeling to others.

Happy Mickey Mouse Day.

One thought on “OMG It’s Mickey Mouse Day

  1. It’s great to read how passionate you and your grand children are about Disney! I really want my stepson to have the same experience 🙂

    Thanks so much. Best memories.


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