Clean Out Fridge Day

Before you ask, “YES, there is a National Clean Out Fridge Day”. Why? Because in less than 2 weeks it will be full of food for Thanksgiving. (If you are American or celebrate a day of Thanks!)

For those of you that live anywhere but the USA, this may not be a big need for you, as your refrigerators are not the size of an entire garage. Now we have computerized models and will soon tell us what we need to buy instead of using our minds to build menus.

One of the services I provide to local clients is a “kitchen makeover”. We start in the pantry and take everything out, clean it top to bottom and reorganize, starting with the eye-level rows and moving up and down from there. Using the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to placing items and shelf life.

Next we tackle “the fridge”. I remember a young man that played football called “the refrigerator”. He was huge. I start with the freezer and unload and clean out. Then the refrigerator. I know that food is expensive and I always say, it’s your kitchen, but whatever you can donate to a local food pantry, that would FABULOUS!!!

Designate shelves for certain foods and maintain the rule. Keep a list of useful substitutes for “go-to favorites” that should go bye-bye. For instance, one of my favorites that replaced pasta, is chickpea pasta. It’s fantastic, has lots of fiber so you eat less and it cooks faster than traditional pasta. Prepare your list for the upcoming holiday season and begin to purchase a bit at a time instead of all at once.

Prepare your fridge by preparing your mind that we are here to share life, love, happiness and sorrow as family and friends. It is a time to embrace new friends and family and release things that need to go. Clean out your fridge and clear your mind for a most wonderful season of family. Family is what we make i,t and today, I welcome to my family.


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