In Honor of Our Veterans

On this day we take time to remember all those that heeded the call of duty and left the safety of their homes and families to serve our country. We are able to work and to live the way we want because these selfless individuals fought for our right to do so. Like many families, I have family members that served our country. I am fortunate that everyone also returned from their duties safe and sound.

We finally have a strong movement to help those that have kept us free. We have spent many years abandoning our veterans. Now we have many foundations and people that have come forward to reach out to the men and women that have kept us free. During those missions, they encountered things we can’t even imagine. We must thank them by helping those that need help to get and to stay healthy.

We have lost too many soldiers once they return home. Even with all the help we have available, we are still losing soldiers. We must actively reach out to our friends and family members. Make sure they are feeling ok and we are here to help. This is a universal problem and we are all in charge of helping. Be aware of the signs and don’t hesitate to reach out and be responsible for helping. I’d rather be wrong about a friend needing help and offering, than not helping and they needed help.

We are all interdependent and what one does, it affects all. We all need to build relationships and to be aware of those around us in need. I did not serve my country, but I can serve those that did. It is our duty as civilians, to help those that keep us free.

Freedom is not free. It comes at a very high price. It is PRICELESS. Let’s help those priceless veterans and show them we are worth their sacrifice.

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