2020 and YOU

When I graduated high school in 1981, 2020 was not even on my radar screen and poof, here it is! WHAT!!! I feel like someone put me in a time machine while I slept last night and now I am here!

What have I been doing, you ask? Well, if we had a week and some wine, I could tell you, but I’ll save you the agony and give you cliff notes to my learnings! The more seasoned we become, the more we realize that “failure” is actually a better teacher than success. We all must experience “the pain of growth” to become who we are meant to be. That’s why when children grow quickly, they complain of being in pain. Their bones, ligaments, tendons, everything is growing so fast, it feels like they are on an old-fashioned stretch machine. (I apologize for the gruesome image).

However, without pain, we don’t learn or grow. Exercise hurts because it is stretching our bodies to grow and change. Learning is frustrating because we are forcing our brain to accept new knowledge and process it in a way that works with what we already know. But, today I am going to give you some ways to make planning easier and actually, fun!

I actually love this time of year. Not all learning has to “hurt”. Today, I want to share my love of planning for the next year. I love picking out new journals and lifeplanners. If you reflect back to January 2019 and review the things you wanted to see happen, how did they pan out? Did you plan for them? Chances are if you said “no”, then you didn’t reach them. Most of mine happened and those that didn’t, I’m closer to them today than I was in January.

We all know the famous saying, “Plan your work, work your plan”, or “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Today, I want to share 3 planners I have used that have made a world of difference in me reaching my goals.

The first, and my favorite: Law of Attraction Planner. This is the first planner that lets me put EVERY note, meeting, zoom, webinar notes, monthly and weekly planning. Plenty of space to write your monthly and weekly goals and your steps to make them happen. I just love this planner. It has monthly, weekly and hourly room for appointments with lots of room for notes.

I love the spiral binding in the Erin Condren lifeplanner. Monthly, weekly and daily planning as well as quarterly ideas. For those that enjoy stickers, it does have more than the lasw of attraction and also has “pop in” pages you can purchase to add to your planner.

The last one is Start Planner. Another planner that brings so much to the table. Monthly and weekly planners as well as quarterly maintenance things to do around the house. Stickers and room for notes.

Take some time to reveiw planners that work for you and chose one that works for you. Start looking today because we only have a few weeks of 2019 left. Get it in your hands, Write down the birthdays and trips, then begin filling in the rest of your year. Take time to build goals for all areas of you life and steps to make them happen.

It is worth your time to write your goals and plan for them. There are literally hundreds of studies proving that writing your goals down, creating a vision board, tracking your steps will bring you to your goals. Take some time today to find a planner for the most amazing year coming to you.

C’mon 2020, we got this.

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