Tips to Curb Emotional Eating

Just when you’ve got yourself on a roll: working out consistently, eating for a healthy lifestyle, feeling good and then, a blow to your mental stamina.  Sometimes it’s something small, sudden change in plans that throws off your time to eat.  Sometimes it’s a huge change that can potentially disrupt several days, even weeks of your training.  It is for these very reasons that planning is the most important element of your success.  Here are several tips to use when life happens

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

A.  Cut up all veggies for the week and place in containers in your refrigerator

B.  Make a large quantity of brown rice/quinoa for the week

C.  Cook chicken breasts, ground turkey/hamburger for the week.

  • Measure your food.  Until you get a real view of portions, overeating is just too easy.   If you are still hungry after eating, drink water.

D.    Plan to have your “treats”.  Make conscious decision to treat yourself and savor every bite of  your treat.  No negative self-talk about this choice.

E.    Journal.  There are some great apps for journaling food, but you need to journal your emotions about eating, before, during and after so you can connect your mind with your stomach.

F.    Reading daily inspirations/quotes.  Find inspirational people/pages on facebook and twitter.    Start your day with uplifting words.

G.  Find an accountability “buddy”.  In person or online.  Hold each other accountable for the choices you make.

H.  Stop! Before eating something in an emotional state STOP!  Breath in, long, deep breath, three times.  Take stock in your real emotions: hungry, sad, happy, nervous, upset?

I.    Write down your goals, read them daily, live them daily.

J.  Use pictures and post them everywhere, on the fridge, on your mirror, at work…

K.  Proper warm up and cool down while exercising.  This will cut down on injuries that prevent you from working out.

By making small choices daily, over the course of a week, you are better. Over the course of a month, you’ve made 30 small smarter choices. How will you feel in 30? How will your body thank you for those choices? Not sure, try it and see!

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