Eat Better Eat Together

October is Eat Better Eat Together Month. Kind of sad that we have to have a month dedicated to something that was a given in every home every night 40 years ago. But times have changed and kids have practices and lessons and appointments and we don’t have the dinner time rituals we used to have. It was a time to connect, to talk about the day, to decompress and enjoy stories and time with family.

Now, we eat in the car and in separate rooms and anywhere BUT the table. There is a movement that in the circumstance you are at a table, there are baskets for our phones and games played to leave our phones alone so that we can simply look at each other and connect.

Connection. Simple, honest, caring connection. We have lost the art because we are so focused on our next move that we miss the chance the sits right in front of us.

This month, I challenge you to eat better, eat together 3 or more times each week. Create meals that force communication and connection. You may find out you’ve been missing a lot.

  • Make pizza night. All the topping options are on the table, but you have to make someone else’s pizza and you can only ask 5 questions to get their pizza correct.
  • Create a meal where everyone chooses something to make for the meal. This has to be discussed before so an entire meal is made and not all desserts!!
  • At one of the meals, play a game. There are many conversation starter games or life games that have thousands of questions. In fact, you could make this a weekly tradition.
  • “Who has the best story today?” night.
  • Plan the next holiday meal or trip night.
  • “Get Real” night. Life is not always smiles and roses. What better way to talk about the hard realities of life and building a strategy to help get through them than in a loving place, in a calm discussion.

These are just a few, I am sure you can add to this list based on your family’s needs. Share your connection meal story. You never know who else may need the same kind of meal.

Happy eating together month!

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