Love People Day

How very ironic that as I sit here and write this, I just discovered that someone staying with us left in the middle of the night owing me money. It’s love people day. Perhaps it’s not so ironic as I sit and breath through lots of different feelings. Perhaps the universe had me wait to write this on this very day to remind me how important it is to love people.

Loving people means loving them where they are. Be reminded that they may not be where you are. It’s easy to love people when they “just do the right thing.”

  • Hold doors open for people. I graciously thank them
  • Honor their word
  • Give kindness
  • Offer selflessly
  • Do more than expected

But what about those that don’t live by the social codes of society. We all know them. The ones that let the door slam on you as they walk out, the ones that think only of themselves in any situation, the ones that don’t offer help even when they see you struggling, or the much harder ones to love, the addicts.

Addiction can come in so many forms: food, gaming, drugs, alcohol, pornography, working out, money… If a person puts something over their own health and the wealth of others, it could be considered an addiction. So many families have been affected by addiction. I am one of them. I have 2 boys that have fought the battle of addiction to drugs for 14 years now. Only Powers That Be know the reason they still breath. I am grateful for that. I pray for them every single day.

Today, love the people around you at the level they need to be loved. Give grace to those you see today, you do not know what may be going on inside. Today, give as many random acts of kindness as you can. It’s Love People Day. We all deserve a little love.

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