Avocados BABY

OMG, September 16 was national guacamole day. Holy guacamole! I think back to my younger days and I can’t tell you one time that I had an avocado. Guacamole I had a bit, but we were so scared of the FAT. OMG FAT!!!! You eat fat you are fat!!! Oh, if only we had some idea about nutrition.

Now, think back to visiting the doctor and they NEVER talked about food. Only pharmaceuticals to fix whatever your problem was! Can you believe that correct food is all we need to help fix most things.

Food, in its most basic form, will heal most ailments. Good fat will do a body good. Today, lets enjoy some good, healthy fats first thing in the morning to get the body working and burning fat.

Start your day with some avocado toast:

1 slice multigrain or sprouted grain bread toasted

1 smear quality butter like Kerrygold

1/4 ripe avocado smashed with finely chopped tomato, onion and garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Place slice of bread in toaster and toast to liking. Meanwhile in bowl, smash ripe avocado, garlic, tomato and onion to a blend.

Spread on toast and enjoy.

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