What Are Your Digits?

What’s your number, SSN, driver’s license, ISBN, VIN, employer, insurance, how much do you weight, how much do you lift, weight, height, address, bank, school, cholesterol, BP, triglicerides, iron, blood cell, AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG, enough with the numbers!!!!!  We have passwords and logins, we have acronyms and initials.  We have become a society of faceless names items to businesses and ourselves unfortunately.  We even have passes with numbers on them to get into the gym.  We keep track of our weight, body fat, how much we lift each. 

Measurement.  It is all about measuring.  Measuring up to ourselves, to each other, the government, our boss, our spouse, our children, our doctor, our church, our businesses.  The only way to measure a person’s success is through numbers and measurement, right?  In all of this measuring have we not noticed the increasing numbers of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.  We are so busy measuring up that we forget to FEEL. 

How do you measure the immense pleasure you get from looking into your spouses eyes and telling each other that you love each other?  What about when your child is asleep on your chest and they turn their head; their hair tickles your nose?  What about the smell in the air after a warm, spring rain?  How about the burning in your muscles as you are slowly moving through a set?  How about the joy and pride in yourself when you follow your nutrition plan and your clothes fit wonderfully? 

Today, I want you to take a moment in your day to feel.  We plan for the future and remember the past, but how many of us live right now, no, I mean right now.  What are you feeling or are you breezing through the text to get onto the next item on your list?  Be present.  Take time today to write your feelings down.  Get a nice comfortable pen and pad of paper and feel your fingers holding the pen and experience the art of writing.  Remember the feeling as you write it down. 

What did you experience today?  What experiences did you leave for others?  When we leave this world, we can’t take money, family or friends.  It is our legacy to leave others with pieces of us.  Feel today.  That is your goal.

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