End of Summer Pasta Salad

Holy moly! It is the unofficial end of summer weekend. What happened to January? Didn’t we just celebrate New Years just a few weeks ago? Take a few minutes to reflect on 2019 so far. What plans did you make that you have completed? What plans do you still have to complete in the last remaining months of the year?

Don’t let the year finish without finishing stronger than when you began. If you are like most everyone, a few of your goals had to do with eating better and feeling better. Serving yourself good quality food is showing your body how much you love and appreciate everything it does for you.

Bring this to your Labor Day celebration and share the love of eating well with your family and friends.


2 c lentil or chickpea pasta cooked and drained.

1 c cottage cheese

plethora of fresh veggies cut to bite-size: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions

black olives

diced cheese

1 Tbsp ranch-flavored dressing packet


With a blender, blend cottage cheese and dressing flavoring until smooth and creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix a little at a time into the salad according to your liking.

No one will ever know you’ve increased fiber and decreased fat. All they know is that it tastes great! Enjoy.

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