How Selfish Are You?

If you could choose one component of your life that affected everything around you, what would you say?  Would you say finances?  How about relationships or work?  Most people would agree with you.  But if you take a look at any of those, they are all “housed” outside yourself.  Most people, when asked, will say, “I live paycheck to paycheck, there is nothing I can do about that.”  Or, “I am so upset with my husband/wife right now because…fill in the blank”.  However, let’s take a deeper look at these.  When statements like that are made, they are said in a reactionary way.  What if you could be proactive instead of reactive?  Where would you start? 

To begin, let’s take a look at our lives as if it were a spider web.  I know, yuck.  I had a friend say, “did you ever notice that every time you run into a spider web, you become an instant ninja?”  I love that.  But let’s stick with the web.  It all begins with a single thread and the spider goes to the middle, the core, the “heart of the matter”.  That is where we will begin.  Your core, the middle, your health!  Your heart is the core of your body.  It supplies the body with the oxygen-rich blood that carries the nutrients to every cell of your body.  You are in control of that and no matter what family genetics you carry, you have control over your health.  If you are sick, work is the last thing on your mind; hence, finances.  Think about how your emotions are short when you don’t feel well.  That translates to every relationship throughout your day:  the jerk that cuts you off, your spouse, your boss, your children!  It translates to how you feel about your body, your sexuality.  Every “strand” of your life is affected by your health and you are the only person that has control of that.

Health can be considered a selfish act.  But when you are on a plane, the first rule of safety is put your own mask on first before helping your children!!!  If you are passed out, you are of no help to anyone.  If you are unhealthy and make unhealthy choices, how selfish of you to pass that on to your family? We all have stress and daily demands, but if your body is healthy and your mind is clear, the decisions you make are healthy and clear.  If our bodies were businesses, more than 60% will have gone out of business, failed!!!  Yet, we get up every day, without a plan, a business model, and think that our bodies will respond the way we want.

Every choice you make is 100% yours.  Every life you touch is 100% on you; will you enrich and uplift, or will you tear down and put down?  Your health is the beginning of every emotion, every thought, every dollar, every relationship.  Start at your core, build your health.  When health is optimum, all facets of life become optimum. 

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