Summer Snacking

Summer is that time of year when we can all live a little easier and simpler. It’s time spent with family and kids sharing vacations, staycations, outings and ice cream. Summer brings back memories, smells and tastes from our own childhood.

One of my all-time favorite summer foods is homegrown tomatoes. Only when I was little girl and my mother would put tomatoes on my plate, I would ask, “home?” My mother knew better than to lie because she knew I would know the difference as soon as I bit into one. I also remember the very first canker sore I ever had because I was eating fresh tomatoes and some salt and pepper and the salt did it’s thing!!! I screamed bloody murder and we were eating out. My dad asked what was wrong and I showed him. He said, “Oh you have a canker sore”. That was it for tomatoes until it was gone!

Who remembers snapping green beans and peas and shucking corn. It all smelled like earth mixed with scrumptious smells of fresh veggies. The smoothness of the silk as we pulled it free from the teeth of the corn. Biting into that fresh corn an hour later fresh from it’s water bath, slathered in butter from rolling the cob around in your bread!

Those are still some of my favorite smells today and just writing about it makes my mouth water. Today, I am just going to share a list of my favorite summer-time snacks and eats. We eat smaller portions when it’s hot. We should continue that all year round. Eating smaller portions several times a day keeps your blood sugar stable and keeps your alert.

Please post your favorite summer snacks in the comments below.

  • Cottage cheese and home-grown tomatoes
  • Cottage cheese and fresh peaches
  • Cucumbers and onions in water and vinegar
  • Beets in vinegar and water
  • Plain Greek yogurt with berries, honey and cinnamon
  • Warm watermelon (as opposed to refrigerated) (have you seen this cool slicer?)
  • Red peppers, sliced with fresh guacamole or hummus
  • Grilled turkey burgers on red peppers with bread and butter pickles and stone ground mustard