Are You Uncomfortable, Yet?

Ever notice when change happens? It doesn’t happen when life is going well and everything seems to be running smoothly, right? How many people leave a position with a company that they love. Don’t get me wrong it does happen. People will leave a place they love for several reasons: more money, better city, great benefits etc. But, they are willing to get uncomfortable for something better.

How about change? Do you know that only 14% of people will make a change in their health after a FIRST heart attack? Out of 100 people that have a heart attack AND survive, only 14 will start to make changes in their lives that will help prevent that from happening again. Are you kidding me!!!!

Why? Because it is UNCOMFORTABLE!. It’s like working legs. That is why you see so many men that lift weights have great upper bodies, but tiny legs because it hurts to work legs. We shy away from discomfort and change. But being uncomfortable is the catharsis for change.

Do you like how your clothes cut into your midsection? Is that comfortable? What about shirt sleeves and collars? Do they feel constrictive and uncomfortable? What will be enough “uncomfortableness” for you to bring about change? No one knows the answer to that question.

For some, it is the loss, to early, of a parent or sibling? For some it is a race or lack of completing a race that brings the change. Sometimes it’s just how you feel when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, enough, to warrant change.

Change comes at a cost. It is usually not easy, but it is definitely worth it. When you can put on clothes and be comfortable in them all day, it’s worth it. When you can keep up with your children and your grandchildren, it is definitely worth it.

You’ve heard the saying, “Pick your pain”. You can be uncomfortable in the gym and be sore from changing the health of your body, you can be sore and uncomfortable from the pain your body will be from not using it and allowing life to take from you the life it gave you. Pick your pain.

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