National Daiquiri Day-Finally!

Oh, Melody, it’s finally here. A few months ago I went on a road trip to Austin with a woman that was so much fun. We needed to carpool and had not met each other before this adventure. We hit it off and before you knew it, we were in Austin, Texas for our event.

We got to our quaint, little room and a wonderful balcony and we rushed to meet up for dinner with everyone else. The next morning we had several hours to sit and relax on that balcony while over looking the rolling hills of Texas. Beautiful.

This past December, I bought myself the Law of Attraction Planner. It is fabulous and allows me to hold all my info, mileage, expenses, blog ideas, work, vision, exercise, goals, etc. in one place. I loved it so much my daughter and mother also got them and we meet once a month to share our wins and set up our goals for the next month. I don’t go anywhere without it…except Madrid. It didn’t go to Madrid or Orlando on vacation!

As Melody opened my wonderful planner, she turned right to my July month at a glance and the first thing she saw was National Daiquiri Day written in my journal. She turned to me and said, in her wonderful Kentucky accent, “I knew we were destined to be good friends!” We talk several times a week now through Facebook!

So, Melody….here is to Daiquiri Day…let’s sit back and enjoy a few!

From Food Networks, Healthy Eats, here is their take on the lighter side of strawberry daiquiris. You’ll thank me for sharing these incredible ways to enjoy daiquiris without all that sugar and nasty calories!

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