Add Variety to Ice Cubes

What? Yep, you read that right. Add variety to ice cubes. That sounds funny since most people have ice machines that pump out ice at the punch of a lever. How in the world do you add variety to a machine that works by itself?

Well, for those of you too young to remember metal ice cube trays and the WWE style of wrestling you had to do to pull up on the lever, wiggle it around and hope the ice detached from the metal, this blog is for you. No, we did not have spray oil to coat the metal. That didn’t come around for a long time!!!!! Never would we have fathomed adding something to the tray of water to change our ice cubes!

Today, we have a plethora of silicone ice “cube” trays. No longer are we stuck with just big chunks of square ice or half moons that cup the ridge of your glass keeping you from enjoying that blast of delicious cold drink. Now we have different shapes and sizes of cubes to delight ourselves whenever we want.

The simple act of adding “color and flavor” to your drinks via ice cubes is endless. Try some variety this summer and bring a smile to the faces of your guests as you surprise them with these whimsical ways to add joy to your ice cubes.

Try these idea for drinks, smoothies and food:

  • edible flowers for teas, water and carbonated beverages
  • edible food coloring: get kids drinking water with this great idea
  • different spices: cinnamon for iced coffee or tea or smoothies, heat spices for bloody marys and other spice drinks,
  • sprigs of mint: chocolate, peppermint, spearmint,
  • lemon or lime peels with ginger
  • make basil and olive oil cubes for cooking/sauteeing
  • fruit cubes: if your fruit is about to “bite the dust”, muddle it and put it in the cube tray.
  • when making cookie dough, place in the cubes and freeze. Take out one at a time instead of making the whole batch all at once.

Share how you use your ice cube trays.

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