Freedom is NOT Free

As we prepare to celebrate another year of freedom from oppression, let us not forget from whence we came.

Our forefathers and mothers, were so determined to worship the way they wanted, they boarded ships and sailed across the ocean to a new land. Remember, no GPS, no phones, no knowledge of what awaited, just the stars for navigation and prayers for safety. Their belief in freedom of religion was so strong and sure, they left the only place they new and charted a new course.

Freedom: freedom to believe, freedom to worship, freedom to live a life free from tyranny and oppression, freedom of choice, freedom to speak, freedom to live. We’ve come a very long way since then, or have we.

Have we regressed to the point that we no longer have freedom of speech, religion, thoughts and beliefs. Is fear so rampant that our freedoms are being denied because of a belief in a false sense of “power”?

“Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light?” The writer lived the battle. He saw the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, as it flew through the night to fight for freedom, to fight for the right to be human and have beliefs and ideas and live a life free from dictators and oppression.

Our country has fought many, many wars at a very high cost. Families have sacrificed loved ones that courageously left the comforts of their home and families to fight for our right for FREEDOM.

As we celebrate our freedom this year, remember those that paid the price for that freedom. Honor their sacrifice for your ability to be free and continue to fight for that freedom. Freedom is NOT FREE, but is worth the fight.

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