Donut Judge Me!

I saw several shirts, while in Orlando, that said, “On vacation, Donut judge me”. I loved it. However, if you’re like most people, they didn’t exactly enjoy their vacation if all they did was eat lots of things with sugar in them. I used to be that way and man, I look back at how awful I felt!

You would think after my post on Monday about being National Fresh Fruit and Veggie month I would have a recipe for all that abundance. But not today. Today is national donut day. You know, because there is a national something day every day. It helps us bloggers have something to write about when we are totally out of ideas!!!!!

But seriously, I know we are a nation that is eating itself into unnecessary disease and desperation. Our life span is shorter today than 50 years ago because we have allowed food companies to bastardize our food and chemical companies to destroy our bodies with chemicals.

I am not saying you can’t enjoy things from time to time. But let’s share the experience with those around us. Want a big cinnamon bun that tastes amazing? Great, take a few bites and share with others. You want the taste, not the bloat and pounds. Want your donuts? Well here you go: this blog will give you 30 healthy donut recipes. You won’t believe your eyes. I had to share.

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