Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

Yep, you read that correctly. An entire month devoted to fresh, amazingly wonderful, fresh fruits and veggies. Why is there a month devoted to this? I don’t know. But the month they picked is a no-brainer.

If you live in the city, when was the last time you visited a farmer’s market? For me, to be honest, waaaaaaaay to long. I teach spin and bootcamp classes on Saturday mornings and do all my office work on Sundays. Isn’t that awful? There are 2 farmer’s markets close to my house and a third in the next city. Downtown Kansas City has a phenomenal farmer’s market. I spent all morning there the last time I went.

If you’re like me, being outside and breathing in fresh air is soul-filling for you. Smelling the earth, breathing in the aromas of fresh, cut herbs and ripe, juicy fruit and mesmerizing your mind with the gorgeous, bright colors can fill your spirit for months.

One of my best summer memories is biting into a fresh peach. Instantly, the juice would run down my chin as the velvety texture of the skin was pierced with my teeth. I still taste that incredible taste and I am so disappointed when nothing I buy tastes like that. I stopped buying peaches because I couldn’t find any to make me feel and devour peaches like that.

Finally, we have fruit stands and farmer’s markets throughout suburbs and cities. Find out where your community gardens are and pitch in to help or purchase from them. Buying from a stand? Find out where they get their produce and same with farmer’s markets. Get to know them and they will make sure you get the best produce when you come in .

Challenge yourself this month. Try a new fruit or vegetable at least 3 x a week. Let me know your choices and share how you fixed them.

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