In Honor of Papaya

One of the lucky opportunities I get is to board some incredible dogs. One of them is Papaya. I’ve known Papaya now for almost 2 years. She was one of my first walks. She has a very deep and menacing bark. But her heart and soul are as loving as her bark is deep.

Papaya loves to lay at my feet on the ottoman. She sleeps next to me in bed and loves to follow me around. I love her presence and her joy giving love. In honor of getting to play with my friend Papaya over the next few weeks, I give you a terrific summer delight with papaya as the main event!

1 papaya cut in half with seeds removed

1/2 c. plain non-fat Greek yogurt

Raisins, grapes, walnuts, strawberries, cinnamon, honey and mint

Mix honey and cinnamon with yogurt and add cut up fruit. Let sit and marinate and fill papaya halves with mixture. Add sprig of mint and serve.


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