Hey, You Remember Me?

What is muscle memory? When you were born your body began moving and stretching and learning how to move outside the womb. As you gained control over head and legs, motion evolved. Scooting, crawling, then walking, talking etc. This creates muscle memory. Doing the same motions over and over and over.

Remember the saying, “just like riding a bike”. Even if we stop riding a bike, our bodies remember how because of all the hours we spent riding as a kid. It may take a few spills to remember how, but we remember.

When people come to me after years of not exercising they say they have no idea how to workout. I smile and say, “Don’t worry, your body will remember.” They say they have never worked out, I ask them, “Did you crawl, or walk or squat to the floor?” They say, “Of course”. Then I tell them you know how to workout. Our body has memory. We just have to jog it’s memory.

In order for it to be effective, we have to jog it’s memory just about daily! How long has it been since you reminded your muscles what it feels like to be used and loved?

Today, mark your calendars for this week. Give you body the love it needs. Share with me how many days you made a difference in your own health.

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