No Clean-Up Dinner

Sometimes the hardest part of creating dinner is the clean-up afterwards. In many houses that is the hardest part. Busy families, busy lives and it becomes very easy to just “pick-up” dinner on the way home. What happens when you “pick-up” dinner or have it delivered is that you usually add several thousand calories to your meal. Yes, THOUSANDS OF CALORIES! Then 3 months from now, we look in the mirror while trying to zip up our pants wondering what happened!

I’m here to help you meet your health goals, be your families hero and make life-long health a part of your life and enjoy your time!!! Yes, it can be done. So many grocery stores are making it easy to create healthy meals at home and limit the amount of time you’re in the kitchen. From delivering your groceries to providing pre-cut, pre-packaged fresh fruits and veggies, the days of saying you can’t make a healthy meal is vanishing.

Remember cowboy packets when you went camping way back when? Well why can’t you share that camping experience any day with your own family.


Chopped veggies: at home from the store

onions, peppers, asparagus, garlic, new potatoes quartered, zucchini,

chicken chunks or burgers (meat or plant-based)

Place all veggies in a foil pack and place on grill or in oven. Season with salt/pepper and oil and flavorings of choice

Cook meat in separate foil pack.

When finished, plate up, throw away foil and walk into a clean kitchen.

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