Thinking Outside the Box

When people hear words, generally, they have a preconceived idea of what it is or looks like. For example, if I say “house”, every single person “envisions” a house in their mind. It could be from childhood or a dream home. We would all agree that everyone would have a different picture of the word “house”. However, if I say “push-up” almost everyone would visualize the same push-up. A person on their hands and toes, arms next to the body and moving all the way to the floor and pushing back up.

Why is it ok to have different visions of homes but not push-ups! People become paralyzed by their own visions of what a specific exercise “should” look like. If we all kept that notion, none of us would be able to workout. Arthur is an amazing testament to accepting what he could do today.

Almost every single day I have a new client, I will hear, “I’ve never been able to do a push-up”. I just look at them and say, “Well, today is the day that happens.” When adjust how we perform the push-up, the awakening happens. We limit what we can do because of the preconceived idea that it has be performed in a certain manner to count. Once remove the barriers to our visions, new worlds begin to open.

If men and women never stepped outside the boundaries of their own visions, we wouldn’t have all the amazing things we have today. Don’t let the barriers of the box keep you from reaching for your goals. We have all lived life and have parts of our bodies that may not function like they used to. That is not an excuse to give up. It is a reason to adjust our thought-processes and find a different way.

Today, knock down the walls of your limited vision and see what’s awaiting you outside the box.

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