Earth Day for Your Health

Our planet is crying out for help. Many of us have worked hard over the past 49 years to give life back to Earth. We are learning that we need to step those efforts up a bit.

What does Earth day have to do with your health? Our need for convenience has hurt us by adding PBAs to plastic, by surrounding our lives with devices that emit radiation, by cooking on teflon that is full of chemicals and so many other things. These all have an effect on our life and are part of the study of epigentics.

What is epigentics? It is the study of how all of us live and how that affects our health via our cells. Our job is to get back to a way of life that allows our body to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat to the best of its ability.

Today, start small. It’s always difficult to think about overhauling an entire area, but when you break it down into small pieces, it’s easier to handle. Start with your pantry. Take out everything. Place in piles of “keep”, “eat quickly or throw away”, and “more like this”. Place items “more like this” in the middle of your pantry so you can see and grab them first.

When you run out of something, replace it with something green. Instead of more plastic wrap, get bees wax wrap, instead of plastic containers, invest in glass containers. Need more ideas? One way I replace with green is through It’s a monthly subscription that allows you to try greener products for just $10 a month. You can discover ways to add green to your home.

Today, share how you will bring green into your life today.

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