10 Frequently Heard Statements by Trainers Part 2

Last week I posted the first 5 statements or questions, today we will finish the list. Did you identify with any of those? Let’s see if you’ve heard or said any of these…

5. How much is it? My first response, in my head, how much is it if you don’t?

In 3 months, if you do nothing, how will you feel, what will you be doing and how much is it costing you? How about 6 months? If you do nothing different than you are doing right now, where will you be? How about in a year? How much will it be costing you if you don’t change your behavior?

4. I can’t measure my food! The only time I ever used a scale to measure my

food was when I was competing. I still have it for teaching purposes, but the way I teach my clients to proportion their food is to use their hands as a scale. I’ve yet to have a client that says they don’t have their hands with them at all times.

3. Why do I need cardio AND strength training?

Why do you need tops and bottoms? Our bodies are made of many different types of fibers. Each of them designed to help our organs, tissues and body function. Heart muscle is not the same muscle as a bicep. We learned this in science class. We can’t place little weights on our heart and say, “Here, lift this”. It is worked through increasing heart rate and maintaining that for a period of time. Strength training is for your body and your bones. Without strong bones for your tendons, ligaments and muscles to attach, you become weak and fragile. Our bodies love to be strong.

2. How should I be eating?

This relates back to: “Which ‘diet’ is best” question. My answer, “Is this a way of eating sustainable? Can you eat like this for the rest of your life? Can you only drink 2 shakes a day and eat a sensible meal, per day? Do you want to eat prepackaged food, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  1. AND NO. 1…I’ve done nothing different in the past year and I’ve gained 10 pounds.

My answer: Yes, you’re right.

They just stand there and look at me. I explain they answered their own dilemma. You’ve done NOTHING different. But your body will continue to change. If you don’t use your muscle, you WILL lose it. When you lose muscle, you lost the ability to keep your body burning calories. Bodies burn more calories all day long the more muscle you have. If you are not actively adding/preserving muscle, you are passively losing it.

There, hopefully I’ve given you a glimpse into the reasons behind a trainer’s desire for you to shape yourself into the healthiest version of you.

Take care, and until next week, get your workouts done and your quality food eaten to build that amazing health you desire.

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