Wealth through Health

What Can Happen in 90 Days?

There must be thousands of things that you can accomplish in 90 days. Such as: start a company, learn an easy language, prepare for an exam to obtain a position, improve your present knowledge in regard the work you do.

“In 90 days or less: Plant a garden, weed it, and maybe even harvest certain vegetables. Potty train a toddler. Research and write a master’s thesis. Research and write a non-fiction book. Write a novel. Plan a wedding. Plan a funeral… Make a new friend. Make an enemy. Research, shop for, and buy a new car.” ( Carol Baldridge, retired public librarian )

In 90 days you can lose 10 lbs, build muscle, drop jeans size, build strength, enjoy eating well, have energy, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Take just a moment to imagine how it feels to control how you eat, to enjoy craving-free days, to sleep soundly, to do the things you want to do because you have the energy to do it. Take a second and let that resonate. Connect the vision, the thought and your gut to feeling what THAT feels like.

It’s available to you any time you want. Just ask. Where will you be in 90 days? How will you feel?

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