10 Frequently Heard Statements by Trainers Pt.1

If you ask any fitness professional the 10 questions and statements they hear the most, most likely you will hear them come up with one of these…

10. I’m afraid lifting weights will make me bulky so I don’t want to lift weights.

Unless you are eating calories like Michael Phelps and taking steroids and lifting lots of heavy weight, you don’t have to worry about that happening. What you do have to look forward to, however, is long, lean muscle that makes your bones strong. Strong bones allow for strong attachments for our tendons, ligaments and muscles. Where are these attachments? Around all of our joints. If we have strong bones, we have a strong body.

9. I’ve limited my calories to 1200 or less and I can’t lose weight.

I love to reply with, “Yep, you’re right.” Not feeding your body the nutrients and calories it needs will only force your body to hold onto everything because it is afraid of starving. When you feed your body the proper kinds of food, our body knows that it will eat again and allow it to shed fat. Numbers are a tool, just like scales and bodyfat calculators. We have to get our minds and our bodies connected so we can “feel” vs. rely on numbers.

8, What diet is best?

Just to set the records straight, the first three letters in the word diet are DIE! Why in the world are we always trying to kill ourselves with a newest, latest, greatest DIEt? We all know they work, for a while. Then you have to change things up. How about we adopt lifestyle habits that allow us to eat a variety of healthy foods that give our bodies the proper nourishment. Learning and listening to our bodies over sticking to a stringent protocol will last a lifetime. Once you learn how your body works, you can design all kinds of meals.

7. What’s the best ab exercise?

Google it. It will tell you bicycles, most likely. I can list all kinds of ab exercises. But the very best ab exercise, push yourself away from the table and away from sweets and alcohol. There, that’s the very best ab exercise you can do. You laugh, but if you ask anyone with a gorgeous set of abs what they eat, you will not hear the words sugar, chocolate, wine or alcohol. The two can not co-exist. Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t work our core. The core is basically everything minus arms, legs and head! That mean working low back and butt, obliques and chest

6. When will I stop being sore?

I’ve learned to withhold laughter because that is where I usually see them turn around and walk out the door! The fact of the matter is, you will NEVER stop being sore if you workout correctly. You get stronger, so you use heavier weights. One mile is easy, so you run another 1/2 mile. The fact of the matter is, if you stop being sore, you’ve stopped changing your health.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week.

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