What’s Sleep Got to do With It?

We’ve all heard the term “sleep like a baby”.  But what, exactly happens when we sleep?

During the day, as infants and toddlers, we do a lot of growing.  We flail, smile, kick, scream, cry, punch, suck, poop and more all day long.  This causes our muscles to be slightly torn down to help them build.  As we gain control over our head, we start gaining control over our arms and legs and discover all new movements.  This causes us to be very tired.  As sleep takes over, Human Growth Hormone, HGH, is dumped into the bloodstream.

Our cells release toxins and waste that has built up through all the movement, and nutrition and HGH are allowed into the cell.  Once HGH enters the nucleus, the master hormone starts directing all the other enzymes and hormones what they need to be doing and when to get started.  That’s why we grow and repair so quickly for the first 20 ish years  of our lives.

Once we gain a bit of wisdom, we stop doing those things that produce change in the body.  Our pituitary gland says, “Well, I don’t need to make so much HGH” and productions slows down.  That’s when we start getting those wonderful signs of wisdom:

  • age spots
  • thinning hair
  • lack of sleep
  • crepey skin
  • lack of energy
  • lower libido

The list just keeps going.  What if you could slow down the effects of gaining wisdom and possibly get some of the best sleep of your life?  Your body can start repairing because you are getting sleep.

What have you got to lose, poor sleep, poor energy and more?